Bryan Ulatowski

Known Aliases: “The Flip-Flops Advisor”, “Dad”, “that guy from the Chamber”

Bryan Ulatowski is an registered representative and has been active in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. Bryan’s primary focus in that time has been helping local business and families reach their financial goals. He has made his home in St. Clair for over twenty years with his wife Gabby and his two daughters Megan and Maddy. Together, the Ulatowski family specializes in one thing in particular: making people laugh (for evidence, see Bryan’s Facebook page).

Bryan takes a hands-on approach to his community as well. As the St. Clair Chamber of Commerce President, he has continuously strived to make his city better and better and improve the lives of  those he works with. He has been a key component in the success of many of St. Clair’s events, be it directly by constantly volunteering, or by supporting the people behind the scenes.

Mainly, Bryan’s motivation is making the lives of anyone who walks in his door easier. If he can do it for someone, he will. After all, with us, you’re like family.

Taylor Weir

Known Aliases: “Master Taylor”, “Girl at the front desk”, “ drives that weird blue cube car”

Taylor Weir has been the administrative assistant for Bryan since 2016. Bryan first met Taylor as his martial arts instructor. Her drive and dedication to teaching led Bryan to hiring her onto his team.

With a heavy focus on efficiency and enthusiastic care, Taylor works daily ensuring all clients’ needs are met and all concerns are addressed properly. From processing incoming paperwork, keeping track of all correspondences, filing important information, sending out mailings, taking care of service needs, running our social media - Taylor is the gears that keep the Wellington Financial moving and grooving so Bryan can focus on his clients. When he is out of the office or with clients, she is here for anything that comes along.

Taylor’s personal philosophy is the golden rule: do unto others as you would yourself. This carries over into her day to day as she works to care for all our clients like she would her own family.